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Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain

Have you been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel? Are you experiencing pain, numbness or tingling in your wrist and hands? Our office in Chatswood has been helping people alleviate carpal tunnel and wrist pain non-surgically for over 16 years.

Carpal tunnel is a condition where there is pressure on the median nerve in your wrist.(the nerve that controls your hand movements and provides feeling sensation for hot / cold, pain and more)

The pressure on the median nerve leads to pain and weakness in the wrist. Carpal tunnel has often been associated with repetitive type motions such as typing or lifting objects or vibrations such as driving.

At Live Well Chiropractic in Chatswood, we take a non-invasive approach to treating carpal tunnel. Our treatments are pain free and non-surgical. Even if you have already had a surgery (referred to as a median nerve release or carpal tunnel release) and you are experiencing pain, we are often still able to help you

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What is involved with your examination and treatment?

In our carpal tunnel examination, we will assess the wrist, the median nerve and all the associated nerves and structures around the wrist. You see sometimes carpal tunnel can have a problem further up the nerve in the elbow, shoulder or neck. So we will rule out any other possible causes of carpal tunnel.

Once your carpal tunnel examination is complete, we will study our tests and then bring you back to explain the results of our tests and our recommended treatment or a referral to the appropriate practitioner.

If we are able to help, our treatment will consist of gentle mobilizations with an arthrostim. Please NOTE, these mobilizations are different physiotherapy treatment for carpal tunnel. Please see the video below to see how the arthrostim works.

We also use a GRT Lite™ which has been approved by the FDA in the USA specifically for Carpal Tunnel treatment . The GRT Lite™ uses red and far infrared light to speed up the healing of your Carpal Tunnel.

How many sessions will I require?

Every case of Carpal Tunnel is different and responds at it’s own rate, so we can’t say specifically how long it will take. We generally find that between 6-12 sessions will be enough to either resolve the condition if not vastly improve your condition.