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Back Supports


The Back Vitalizer™ consists of a specially designed rectangular air filled low back cushion that you can use either behind your low back or you can sit on it.

The product enhances the hydration of spinal discs, improves blood circulation to the tissues and helps to reduce back pain while you sit. The core muscles are activated to stabilize your pelvis on the air pocket. Like sitting on an exercise ball it activates your sense of balance while encouraging you to stay straight and tall.

It is extremely helpful for people who sit a lot and it feels remarkably comfortable. The simple compact design makes it ideal to use at work, at home, taken to sporting events, in your car or on an airplane.



Often the reason you suffer back pain when sitting, driving or working at a desk is simply because your internal body support structure needs to tense to support you in the upright ‘still’ sitting position.  Whilst your body is quite capable of providing that tensioning it cannot be sustained for long periods without side effects and thus pain is the result.

That tension must be reduced or eliminated to relieve the pain and the simplest way to do that is to stimulate movement within your body structure.

The problem is that it is almost impossible when sitting on any surface because either your body moulds to suit the surface or the surface moulds to suit your body… the tension is locked in, rock solid.