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Initial Chiropractic Consultation

Are you looking for a Chiropractor in Chatswood? We recognize you have many choices and so we offer either a free phone consultation to have a conversation with one of our chiropractors or come into the office for a free initial consultation. In the initial consultation, your chiropractor will develop an understanding of your condition and assess your condition to see if our chiropractic services are right for you.
Ring us now on (02) 9412 2722 to schedule your free initial consultation.

What’s Included In the Free Initial Chiropractic Consultation?

  • History of your condition
  • Assessment of your posture
  • Painless Evaluation of every major nerve in your body
  • Referral to the appropriate practitioner if we feel we cannot assist you.

What’s Not Included in the Free Initial Chiropractic Consultation?

  • X-ray Examination
  • Treatment
  • Any other products or services

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