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Keeping healthy when lifting

It is estimated that 80% of the population has experienced low back pain at some point. While there are several causes or aggravating factors, one of the most common is lifting injuries. By practicing proper lifting technique and keeping the following simple tips in mind, you can greatly minimize your chances of hurting yourself while lifting.
Of course, a strong and healthy spine makes for safer lifting, so chiropractic adjustments and a consistent exercise program will help to create a rock solid foundation.

Lift with Your Legs.
For most of us, this one is already ingrained, but it is so important that it still bears repeating. When lifting, remember to keep your lumbar spine upright and bend at the knees and hips, not at the lower back. Doing so will reduce the stressful impact on the low back, and decrease the likelihood of injury to discs, joints, and muscles. Be sure to maintain a strong back throughout the entire lift.

Keep it Close.
When lifting a heavy object, hug it as close to your body as possible. This not only adds stability, but reduces the stress to your spine. The farther away from your body you hold the load, the more force you put upon your back.
Keep Your Nose between Your Toes
When transferring an object from one place to another, avoid twisting at the lower back. Twisting with a heavy load, especially on a repetitive basis, can damage discs, irritate spinal joints, and send muscles into painful spasm. Instead, pivot your feet around so that your entire body moves together, keeping your nose between your toes.

Keep a Strong Core
Work to consistently engage in exercises that maintain strength in your core musculature. This includes your lumbar musculature as well as your abdominals. Maintaining a tight core while lifting can help avoid costly injury.

Enlist a Friend
If you determine that an object is too heavy or cumbersome to lift with proper form, ask a friend to help you. The same rules apply whether lifting alone or with the help of another.

Before lifting anything heavy, it is a good idea to pause for a second to assess the situation and to consider the best course of action. Safe lifting is not complicated, but it does require that you remember a few simple tips and put them to good use.

If you or anyone you know has has an injury during or after lifting resulting in back pain, give your Chiropractor in Chatswood a call to have your spine checked. They will provide an expert analysis and recommendation to resolve any problems.

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