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Digital On-Site X-rays

xrayLive Well Chiropractic now provides on-site fully digital x-rays for all our patients. In many cases to diagnose the exact condition and cause of symptoms further imaging is necessary. Thus the benefits of having this system in the practice are vast and endless. Not only can x-rays be used to diagnose new patients, but also new problems that may have arisen to current patients. Progressive examinations to determine objective outcome measures are also done with x-ray analysis to see exactly what improvement has been achieved and how to get the best possible result.
The benefits of digital x-rays as opposed to the old film x-rays are:

  • Instant processing time so you don’t have to come back for the films
  • Clearer images allow the doctor to see every detail
  • Reduced radiation doses due to less exposure time
  • Images can be promptly emailed to other practitioners anywhere in the world
  • Increased speed and quality of reporting
  • Images are easily retrieved from archives
  • Electronic images can be safely and easily stored