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Chiropractic Treatment

What is a chiropractic treatment?
Whether you have been to a chiropractor or not, you may be wondering about our chiropractic treatment in Chatswood.  At Live Well Chiropractic our chiropractors are skilled in delivering gentle adjustments.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?
An adjustment is where our chiropractors use our hands or mechanical equipment to gently train your  spine into its appropriate position.  The pressure depends upon the area of the spine we are working with, and usually is no greater than the pressure you would use to close your car door.

How are you able to deliver effective chiropractic care with such gentle force?
We have modern technology in our office to assist your chiropractor in delivering gentle adjustments.  For example, one piece of equipment is called an arthrostim.  This is a handheld electrical device that gently vibrates several times per second to gently correct your spinal misalignment, postural problems and nervous system imbalances in a matter of seconds.  The arthrostim is safe for any age patient from babies to centenarians as the pressure is minimal if any at all.

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